Omnicore assists our clients with the best choice in Security Information and Event Management. Each vendor brings a different flavor of clarity to the environment and making the best choice is important.

Access Policy Audit

Auditing access policies is key to make sure zero trust relationships are maintained. We repetitiously review all access policies and ensure they are still relevant to your business workflow.

Secured Application Access

Omnicore helps you provide secure application access to the entire workforce, whether remote, third parties, clients, or developers, so they can work productively from anywhere.

SSL Certificate Management

SSL Certificate Management involves monitoring and handling the lifecycles of all SSL certificates deployed within a network –from procurement and deployment to tracking renewal, usage, and expiration. Omnicore manages and purchases all SSL renewals and keeps your web applications secured and trusted.

Bio-Metric Desktop security

Our security experts keep you safe from the danger of loss and fraudulent use by utilizing biometric data to solve your existing security problems. We ensure that your systems are as safe from external physical attacks as possible.

Email Threat Management

Our email security service screens out malicious senders by using a variety of tools and approaches. Omnicore helps you secure and control your inbound and outbound email.

Mobile Device Management

MDM is a major part of keeping your internal communications and mobile end points secure. This grants your firm the ability to protect and wipe data from mobile devices with a key stroke.

Firmware Management

Firmware management automates end-to-end firmware orchestration processes for any device. It ensures a safe user experience with a protected network, updated subscriber devices, and reduced fraud risk.

Privileged Access Control

Privileged access control allows you to fully control your critical systems and applications anywhere, and at any time, by protecting, managing, and monitoring access, users, and credentials.


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